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Martin Male has a B.Sc in Psychology and Human Sciences from, The Australian National University and has been actively involved in human welfare both in Government and community-based services for over 28 years.

Martin has been in private practice since 1991, supporting people to gain an awareness of their internal dynamics and attain an inner balance allowing them to take charge of their lives, in their own way. Supporting people to create the changes they require, to be all they can be is the cornerstone of Martin’s approach. With 28 years experience, Martin Male can completely support you with any challenge you may have.

Martin’s philosophy.

Allowing others to develop a clear sense of Self and having their needs met is what Martin is all about. With a clearer sense of who you are you can go for what you really want from your life. You can realize your personal dreams that have value and meaning to You.

“ We all have far too many people telling us how to live our life or what we have to do. The last thing anyone requires is another person attempting to direct their life. My way is to support you to find your unique answers and to become completely Self supportive, being able to seek support when required from a clear perspective. My intent is clear, to support you to live your life as meaningfully as possible, as I also do for myself. For me the key to this is to release ourself from our past, our conditioning and to live the life we dream!”

Professional Background

Martin first started working with people as a Psychiatric Nurse when he was 18, completing this within the following three years. Later he also gained a degree in Psychology and Human Sciences from ANU. Since this time Martin has undertaken much Self-exploration and professional development. This includes three years experience and training in a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches including Gestalt Therapy. Somatic therapy; including Bodywork and Voice Dialoging. Martin seeks to provide a practical approach that will empower and facilitate change.

Brief CV

Some of Martin's previous positions include Psychiatric Nurse, Drug Detox Worker, Juvenile Detention worker, Residential Care Officer, Vocational Activity Officer, Store Manager, Team Leader (Youth Access program) and Santa Claus. As is evident from these positions Martin has a life long desire to support others to be all they can be, to realize their potential.

Contact me today, to talk about what you are willing to do to change your life.
Please feel free to phone, to talk from 10am to 7pm (EST) if you require more details.

We look forward to having the opportunity to support you.

All groups are facilitated by Martin Male BSc.
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