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When we engage the services of a consultant we want to be assured of their skills and value, this is definitely the situation with Martin Male's twenty-seven years experience. As a result of his diverse experiences and training, both professionally and personally, you can be assured that you and your team will be provided with the most innovative and personalized services. With a money back guarantee you will have no concerns about your requirements being met

In Martin’s experience most people enter into business for three primary reasons

1) To gain greater control of their life
2) To increase income
3) To gain more time

Yet it is exactly these that are given away piece by piece as we lose focus in our businesses.

Time becomes owned by the business, monetary returns are hard-earned and difficult to keep, and the business ends up controlling its owner instead of vice versa. Many people are not even clear on what their intent is for their business, let alone what they require from it. When we are not clear on our intent we cannot achieve it. It is frighteningly easy to lose sight of goals and values in the whirlwind of running a business, which is where Martin steps in with you.

Time management, stress reduction and efficiency are issues that face business-owners regularly. They tend to lose track of the original reasons they are in business. It is difficult for business-owners to be objective in their decision-making processes, to see the forest for the trees. ‘I offer all people, whether they are business-owners or otherwise, the support and guidance to what it is they want from their life,’ Martin says.

The three biggest challenges in business are the three “P”s: Personal Time, Personnel and Pricing. Without having Personal time we are unable to be clear with what we require from our life, our business, our team, our clients or customers. Without creating our personal time, we will lack focus, direction and clarity. Martin Male can support you to create the time you require. You will be supported by Martin with any challenges you are having with your Team. With the prioritizing of your Life /work balance, you will be able to set your prices at the level that ensures you have a profitable and enjoyable business. There is much being said these days about work/life balance, yet maybe what we really need to consider is Life / work balance. This is where Martin can support you, to create you Life/ work balance. If you or your team, are having challenges with creating a balance in life, then call Martin.

With over 27 years experience in supporting people to be more effective in all areas of their lives you can be assured that Martin has the required skills and expertise. Martin has a BSc in Psychology and Human Sciences from the Australian National University and has been employed in both government and community - based services.

Martin Male has been in private practice since 1992. Martin’s unique approach is to create an environment for individuals within the team, to gain a greater understanding of themselves. With improved self-understanding people become more engaged in their life and particularly their workplace. Some of Martin’s clients include The Health Insurance Commission, Centrelink, Children’s Services, large, medium and small businesses.

As a result of contact with Martin Male, you and your team members will achieve the following benefits:

  • Be more effective by learning more constructive ways of operating with other team members.
  • Be involved in the implementation of change and decision-making.
  • Feel more appreciated and motivated.
  • Be able to enjoy their individual work.
  • Be able to deal with difficult clients and staff conflicts.
  • Know what team members want from their employment and constructive ways to attain this.
  • Explore what individuals really enjoy doing and how this can be best applied in their work environment.
  • Team members will connect with their individual skills and passion so allowing them to be more engaged in their workplace with other team members.

Business Services

With over 27years experience Martin Male will support your team to deal with any workplace conflicts, to create a more productive and harmonious workplace. Team members will be supported to be empowered and responsible.


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We look forward to having the opportunity to support you.

All groups are facilitated by Martin Male BSc.
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