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All modern organizations today spend an incredible amount of time, energy and money on meetings, conferences and workshops. The intent of this is to create and facilitate desired changes as well as, to develop or share skills. Unfortunately conferences and meetings can be a total waste of time, or they can be powerful and productive communication tools that solve problems, stimulate ideas, promote team spirit, and generate actions.

To ensure you achieve the most effective use of your money, time and team, you want to achieve the desired result - a constructive and focused meeting or conference is required. Martin will effectively manage processes that allow group members to consider the range of information relevant to their particular set of circumstances, to make the decisions that are needed to progress issues, to plan or to resolve situations. With Martin’s support you will attain your desired outcome!

How often have you attended Conferences and Meetings that amount to little more than a “talk fest”?

The following are common outcomes of meetings or conferences

  • Most often people are passive - only the loudest or most powerful are heard.
  • The whole group doesn't share the problems or outcomes and often things are left hanging, unresolved or unspoken let alone acted upon.
  • People’s creativity, initiative and innovation have not been stretched or encouraged
  • A different problem is being solved with the same old solution.
  • Recycling of old and often irrelevant issues.
  • Blaming and ‘guilting’ of others without real solutions being offered.

These outcomes will not happen when you engage the services of Martin Male
Successful results lie totally in how the sessions are designed and run. These days, people seem to be meeting more, enjoying it less, and growing increasingly frustrated that they have so little time to get their “real” work done. With Martin’s support this will cease to be so in your team or organization. Your meetings can be enjoyable, creative, productive and effective.

Business Services

With over 27years experience Martin Male will support your team to deal with any workplace conflicts, to create a more productive and harmonious workplace. Team members will be supported to be empowered and responsible.

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All groups are facilitated by Martin Male BSc.
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