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My intent is to provide you with an environment where you are supported to trust your Self enough to discover your own answers. With this awareness you will be able to sort through your mind’s babble. You will also be able to appreciate the full impact of the emotional baggage of your past. Simply being able to connect with what holds you back, you are then free to release these at your own pace.

"Without a healthy understanding of your Self you will simply be operating as a victim of your past"’

To ensure your personal requirements will be met. I offer a variety of approaches, I have no set formula that you have to fit into. You will be supported, not directed or given the answers. This allows you to develop your own skills rather than relying on others to find the answers for you. You become the absolute master of change in your life. The deeper the understanding you have of You, the more you can trust your Self.
‘ Trust Builds Dreams‘ - Martin

My greatest professional joy is simply, "Seeing people realize who they are and what they are really capable of. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing someone 'get it'. The realization – ‘It is me who has the power in my life. I can change my life as I really want it to be! The only limits I have are self- made!”

The core of my approach is to empower you to be able to make choices free from your past patterns or ‘programs’. By experiencing a greater clarity of your patterns, you appreciate the influence that these have in your life. Once you identify the source of these structures or patterns, you can gently take their lessons and move on. You are then free to construct your life as you choose now, with a heightened awareness. This heightened awareness allows you to be really clear with your intent in life.

If you want your life to change you must be willing to change!

By being clear on your intent you can make creative and constructive choices that are based on what you want now, not choices based in your past. We all have far too many people telling us how to live our life. The last thing you want is another person attempting to direct your life. I can assure this will not be the case with me, you will be supported to find your unique answers and to become completely self supportive. You will be able to seek support when required from a clear perspective. Imagine being able to allow yourself to fully experience your life!!

"You are the creator of the change in your life. Are you willing
to embrace this?"

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Overview Introduction Personal Services Workshops

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We look forward to having the opportunity to support you.

All groups are facilitated by Martin Male BSc.
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