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Please feel free to read these articles. They are intended to inspire, stimulate and motivate you be manna for your soul! You will note that they are often related to workshop titles, this is to give you some ideas or background. Please feel free to contact me to discuss anything that rises from your reading.

Being In Charge

In our contemporary society we are told to value being in control, to not let ourself feel too much ...

Changing Relationships

Are you tired of creating relationships that seem to end the same way? Are you clear on what you are creating in your relationships?...

Beyond Christmas

For most of us Christmas is a mixture of emotions as we contemplate the year's end and the annual gathering of the clan...

Self Empowerment

Most of us have heard the term self-empowerment yet what does this mean? Most of us feel it is what we strive for yet how can we attain this?...

Live The Life You Dream

Most of us want to move on, to stop dragging the past around with us, to live our life energised, passionate and alive, to be creating something very different from what we have already experienced...


Bodysense is an innovative approach that supports you to experience the way you create your life...

Intuitive Living

In most ancient cultures the most influential people were those who had a balance of intuition and intelligence, yet our contemporary society and culture glorifies the intelligence almost to the detriment of intuition, yet in reality they both have their place within the human psyche...

Why Embrace The Inner Child?

Most of us have heard of the concept of the Inner Child in rather cynical terms in programs such as "The Simpsons" "Ally McBeal" or in the "New Age" ideas, these are not necessarily constructive...

Creating Union

How many of us know what we are seeking from the people in our lives ? What are the motivating factors that induce us to respond to people differently?...

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

What is it about relationships that drives us to seek them? What makes us strive to attain the relationship with a long term partner?...

Who You Are

So much of our life we use the word self, yet what does this mean? How many of us can define what 'self 'is?...

Living With Your Spirit

Throughout human kinds evolution it is apparent that we have had a sense of there is more to us that just flesh and blood...

More Than Just Sex

Many profound writers have eluded to with such terms as "The Divine Embrace'' or "It makes Saints Fly" while the Tantric tradition expresses this in terms as 'It is spiritual rocket fuel"......

Enduring Relationships

For most of the attainment of an enduring relationship is a challenge at least or an unattainable ideal. We want intimacy, love....

Embracing Our Masculine

Most of us are unlikely to pass through the day without hearing some reference to the masculine or the feminine, yet very few of us have a clear perspective of what this means

Meaningful Living

Many of us have come to the rather abrupt realisation that there is more to life and living than what we have been told.

Money, Life& Power

There is a vast difference between a person who works for money and one who has money working for them.

Enduring Peace Imagine............finding enduring peace!


Business Articles

Please find some articles for you to consider. These are intended to inspire, stimulate and motivate, as well as give you a sense of some of Martin’s approach. Please feel free to contact Martin for more details or just to make contact.

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