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  More often than not we have been told "Don't aim so high", or "That isn't possible",That can't be done" It is too hard", "You don't deserve that". So much of our life has been about people telling us stories about why we can't ......?

  How often in your life, have you had someone say "That 's great, you deserve that" or "Go for it, you can do that" ? Most of our life we are encouraged to settle for less or average.  Mostly we are told that we don't deserve what we want or it is too hard to get.

 There is another way of living. With our personalised support you will be able to understand how your life has become the way it is. You will be able to develop your unique way to live the life you really want. You can really have the life you desire. With personalised support you can unravel the Self-limiting patterns and programs that prevent you from fully expressing your Self. With awareness of these patterns you are able to really change the way you are operating in your life. You begin to see what is yours and what isn't. You also begin be able to accept your Self more. You feel more connected with who you are and are able to express your Self.

 By being supported by us you will have a clearer sense of what is actually happening in your life and how you can change it. By having an increased awareness of what is happening you then are free to make choices based in what you actually require now. You will be able to begin to tranform your life from a increased awareness, based in what is actually happening, not based in your past experiences.

  The focus of this approach is to support you to be empowered in your life, to find your own answers, to be able to be self supportive. With support you will be able to master your life on a daily basis. You will be able to create your life, as you want it to be!

  To ensure that you are provided with the ultimate in personalised support the following options are available for you to choose from. Should an option you would like. not be provided please feel free to contact Martin and ask for this. For more details please click on the links below.

One-on–One or Personal consultation
• Weekend Intensives

Couples consultation
Families consultation
Residential Workshops
Detailed Personal Program
Short Courses


One-on–One or Personal Consultation

One-on–One or Personal consultations support you to discover what is really happening in your life, rather than what you may think is happening! They are an opportunity to delve into issues or limits that you know you want to open up, yet are unsure of where to go with them. The environment is one of safe support. The first step in realizing a better outlook on life, is the willingness to change. With willingness you discover who you really are and positive changes begin to happen.

With your Personal Consultations, you will gain insights and fresh perceptions. As you connect with your emotional limits, this allows you a deeper appreciation of the way these impact on your daily life. Personal consultations are usually a combination of some talking, writing, brainstorming or whatever serves your needs best. Each person's session is unique, people may explore limits relating to; relationships, focus, self respect or self esteem, money, trust, clarity, procrastination, fears, sexuality, intimacy, phobias, food issues, career, or simply just wanting more from their life.

In Personal consultations you will be supported to experience more of your life. This is a safe place in which you are supported to explore your life and your Self, at your own pace, so developing a greater self-trust.

As a result of the time you have with me, you will experience how your past is influencing your present life and how you can change this! You will be supported to appreciate how your perception is creating your life. From this you will develop skills to recreate your life based in what you now want. This is an opportunity to take charge of your life and to live fully.

Imagine living the life you dream of. Are you willing to take the actions that are required to create your desired life? Take an action now, contact me. This is an opportunity to explore what works for you in your life. Personal consultations are a great way to start your Self - explorations with me. You may simply just want a personal consultation to see if you are interested in participating in a weekend. With 27 years experience I can completely support you with any challenge you may have.

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Weekend Intensives

This is a unique service for the highly committed, for those willing to make serious changes! Weekend intensives allow you to have time just for you, so you can expore and work through your current challenges or issues. During your intensive, Martin will only be supporting you. There will be no external distractions.

You could consider this as your personal inner retreat. An opportunity to explore what makes your life the way it is. This is the perfect opportunity to create a solid foundation for change in your life. These 'weekends' do not have to be from Friday to Sunday, they can be anytime you like. You can avail yourself of this option or come with a significant other, to work through you limits. Please feel free to call me to discuss in detail how I may support you with this option.

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Couples Consultations

This is a place where you can both fully understand how you operate in your relationship. By being supported in an open and honest way you are both free to communicate in fresh ways, to break old patterns of relating. With understanding and increased trust you both take more responsiblilty for you part of the relationship.

This support will allow both of you the support to find new ways of relating from the heart. To stop relating in unhealthy ways. To base your relationship in love and the way you want to relate now, not what has happened in the past. This is amazing!

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Family Consulations

For all of us there is no parenting manual. Most of us have caught ourself saying or doing things we regret to our children. In these consultations you are all supported to understand how you have come to the place you are in now. With increasing our Self understanding you are able to change the way you all operate.The beautiful thing about this approach is that the family is supported as a whole through the processof change. Amazing changes occur with this experience.

Family consultations can start with either the family as a whole or the parents first. I recommend you start with the parents first. This enables you to lay down a solid foundation of Self responsibility. Individual members can then come to feely express what they may not feel able to in the family setting. Free your family of the family patterns! Create the family you truly desire!

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Residential Workshops

The approach offered is an integrated one, with regular interrelated workshops often in combination with personal consultations. Regular weekend workshops are conducted each with a unique yet integrative objective. The workshops provide a safe environment to explore and move through your personal limits. A maximum of 12 participants ensures a supportive, personalized and dynamic weekend! To ensure your place booking early is essential.

As a result of the experiences you have in the workshops you will discover strengths and approaches that will support you in your journey of change. You will gain a clearer sense of who you are and what you want from your life. You will be supported personally, to attain your individual outcome.

Different workshops are offered each year, so be sure you book in to the one you want now. Please contact us for current details. This gives you an idea of some of the special areas of interest covered. Or if you and some friend are interested in focusing on specific areas of your life, we may be able to offer a relevant workshop to suit your requirements.

The workshops commence on Friday evening and conclude on Monday afternoon. Your personal investment for the weekend is all inclusive of workshop activities, materials, food and accommodation. You will be provided with materials for writing and drawing as well as follow up handouts, to support you after the workshop. All workshops are residential which ensures you have time out to focus on yourself. People who participate in more than one workshop receive a repeaters discount of 10%.

As my intent is to provide a supportive, personalized approach all workshops have a maximum of 12 participants. To secure your place it is essential to book early confirming your booking with payment of a deposit. Please find more details by clicking on the following workshops or ‘playtimes’ which will be offered this year.

Detailed Program

Bringing Home Your Inner Child 4-7th April

Increasing Intimacy 6-9 June

Life, Power & Money 15-18 August

Real Relationships 7-8 November

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Short Courses

A range of regular short courses are also offered, to support individuals to explore relevant aspects or challenges they are experiencing in their lives. The courses usually run over a period of 8 weeks, one night a week. The dynamics of a group environment provides an opportunity for participants to open up and discuss what each participant requires. Some of these could be Closer Relationships, Embracing Your Potential, Dealing With Conflicts, Healthier Workplaces, Creative Parenting. If you or a group of friends would like a specific course please contact Martin.
Personalized Programs

Personal programs can be developed after a consultation period with Martin, which shapes the program to your specific individual requirements. This can be a combination of one-on-one consultations and workshops over an allocated time period. Once you commit to the process of really creating the life you desire, consistent, regular contact is the most effective approach.

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We look forward to having the opportunity to support you.

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